The world is changing.  People no longer shuffle the pages of a newspaper; they are no longer glued to their radio boxes or TV screens.  This is the age of media when I want it and where I want it.  The mobile device has changed the way we use media.

Since 2012, Wandering Sheep Productions (a ministry of Reach Beyond NZ) has been broadcasting hope, inspiration and entertainment through the Internet, through its IP television networks (GraazTV and Hope Alive TV) and Internet radio stations (Wandering Sheep Radio). We have also created broadcast platforms for our partner ministries to broadcast – Moana TV (Samoan), One Christian Radio (English), Sachai Radio Network (Pakistani) and Yeshua Radio (Ethiopian).

Over recent years, digital media users have migrated from computers to high powered mobile phones, and they require instant access to their favourite content. Enter the mobile app, which will take them there with one touch!

Wandering Sheep Productions has begun development of user-friendly mobile apps, specifically designed for easy access to our own radio and TV networks, as well as to the networks of our partner ministries.  This is a new and exciting venture, which will place easy access to Christian Internet media in the hands of this digital generation.