We use a wide variety of broadcasting media to engage people all over the world and introduce them to Jesus in their familiar surroundings, whether it be their local community, own home, their mobile phone, or in their remote village.

Internet Television

These days, millions of consumers receive their television content via the Internet.  It does not require an expensive subscription, or even a decoder box! In response to this trend, Wandering Sheep Productions developed its own specialised iPTV software that allows a provider to broadcast scheduled television through their own Internet TV channel.  Since 2012, we have been broadcasting Internet TV – first through the GraazTV network, and then the Hope Alive network, which broadcasts a wide range of Christian programming.

Our iPTV software is being used by ministry partners to broadcast their TV stations in a number of different languages to potentially millions of viewers on the Internet.

Sheep Stations

Using mobile phones, people these days have access to the entire world of information and entertainment.  It is also a means to receiving the Gospel.  However, there are some areas where Internet use is monitored by authorities, or there is no Internet access at all.

For these reasons, Wandering Sheep developed the Sheep Station wireless devices. Using a mobile phone, tablet or lap top computer, a person can connect with the Sheep Station’s wi-fi signal, and then access or download Christian material (bibles, music, teaching) without being detected.  A larger Sheep Station device can be installed in remote areas that have no internet at all, providing Christian content and local information to mobile phones.

Wandering Sheep Radio

Wandering Sheep Radio is a New Zealand based network of radio stations which broadcasts a wide range of content through the Internet. Specialist music is broadcast, along with short Christian messages.  These stations are attracting a following, with listening hours increasing by the month. The most popular of the stations is Jazz Cafe which features smooth jazz music and Christian messages.

Web Development

With Internet radio and TV, comes the need for the infrastructure to run it.  Powerful broadcast computer systems have been developed that are robust enough to send large amounts of video and audio to thousands of consumers. Creative and easy-to-use Web pages have been designed as an interface for Internet users, as a means to watch, listen and contact.

Internet Radio Development

Using the technology we have developed for our own systems, we are able to build radio and TV Internet broadcasting platforms for our ministry partners.  From software and Internet infrastructure, to advice on operation and programming, we tailor an entire broadcast solution, to expose our partners and their message to potentially millions of eyes and ears!

In order for us to do this effectively, we undertake lengthy programmes of research and development, to find the best tools and cost-effective systems, and adapt them for the unique requirements of our Internet broadcasting ministry partners.

Audio and Video Production

Using our video and audio production facilities, we have produced short features, station identification, advertisements and voice overs – both for our own networks, and for clients and ministry partners.

Broadcasting Training

In 2014, we came to the realization that many Reach Beyond radio partners were broadcasting, but had no means of developing new staff, let alone attending training seminars in distant locations.  Thus was born the Online Radio Training School.

Using our own video production facilities, we have produced nearly 200 short instructional videos on a wide range of broadcasting topics – from voice training to radio software to managing music for radio.  One training series was produced specifically for the training programs of Reach Beyond in Sub-Saharan Africa.  All videos can be easily subtitled in other languages.

Our training videos and regular broadcast training blogs continue to be accessed by thousands of broadcasters world wide.