Jeremy Nixon, Software Engineer

Hi all, so we all agreed it’s about time I posted a bit of info about what I do here at Wandering Sheep Productions. I’d like to tell you what we’ve been up to this year but I’ll start with the basics since this is more of an introductory update for me.

Well you could say I’m a programmer of sorts, I take computer code and make it do something useful. But not just any kind of useful, it’s for the purpose of getting the word of God out to such a massive audience that we are now reaching online. When I started with WSP as a volunteer over two years ago, I couldn’t have imagined where it would take me today. My initial task was to produce and further develop the ‘Sheep Station’ (see, which I did with great enthusiasm.

Since this time I’ve gone on to help maintain the network, supporting our local churches, and more recently, develop mobile apps to reach a rapidly growing audience of listeners tuning in to our online radio stations ( So for the past year we’ve seen the release of several mobile apps for both Android and iOS, including Jazz Cafe, WS Radio, Listen In, Gramophone POP, and several others. Last year we also released our first multi-lingual apps in Urdu (Sachai Radio) and Amharic (Yeshua Radio), and I’m exited at the prospect of reaching more regions/languages in the future.

It’s been a pleasure to watch our audience grow with this new direction, and focus on getting the gospel and great content out to people who are using mobile devices more and more every day. The beginning of this year has seen many improvements to our existing line-up, with some really neat features on our Radio apps such as custom album art, offline podcasts, meta-data over blue-tooth, and resuming playback on poor connections.

With each new project I’m always finding better ways to get things done, and with every challenge I see a new opportunity. The thing I enjoy most about this role is that every day is different and it pushes the limits of my understanding, and what I thought I was capable of. We are all given gifts for various tasks and it would seem mine is solving problems.

One of our more recent endeavours has been the development of a new app called ‘The Super Bible’. The purpose of this app is to deliver the greatest stories from the Bible in the form of graphic novels, or ‘comics’ as they’re more commonly known today. The main difference being these stories are based on scripture and actually happened. Our young generation are all looking for a hero, a role model, or someone to look up to when they are feeling vulnerable. What better hero than the Lord God himself! The potential to reach a greater audience here is massive.

If someone had asked me two years ago if I would be writing computer code, the answer would have most likely been no. As I come from mostly an engineering and technical background, I always believed since my early years in tertiary study that I was never any good at programming. After all, it was the only subject I failed! Doesn’t God challenge our beliefs in some really interesting ways? I think working at WSP has helped me take a second look at those things that I thought were just too hard or complicated, and to start believing that God will provide the skills, wisdom, and resources to succeed at my given purpose.

And finally, thank you to everyone who is supporting the ministry through prayers, donations, encouragement, and every other gift that makes what I do here possible. I hope I can continue to help reach millions more people online with the good news.

In Christ’s Service,


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