Russell Grainger, CEO
Reach Beyond NZ

Russell has been the senior pastor at Mt Wellington Community Church since 1996 when he led a church re-plant of what was Sylvia Park Chapel.  The church has a huge impact in its community because of its outward focus and passion to reach the lost.  The church, through its community trust, has people that work in the local schools, runs a community drop in centre that gives free meals to those in need and runs evangelistic programmes alongside these activities.

Russell has a long association with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB) with his parents being avid supporters of HCJB and often had missionaries in their home in Taupo.  When he was 21 he, along with Alex Weir, served with HCJB in Italy for 9 months on a studio construction project (Russell is an electrician by trade).

On his return to NZ he was asked to join the NZ Board and has been involved at a governance level since then.  He has also lead short term work teams to Ecuador a few times.

Russell is married to Jillian and they have 4 adult children. Jillian is a specialist music teacher at two local schools and the music director at their church.

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Bob Arend, CEO
Wandering Sheep Productions

Bob is the CEO  of Wandering Sheep Productions a division HCJB Global NZ Trust.

Originally from the US,  Bob and his wife Cami have lived and ministered in New Zealand for 20 years.

Bob’s undergraduate degree was gained from Missouri State University and he has a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary.  Bob’s work and ministry career has included 30 years as a Pastor, Pastoral Counselor, Chaplain and church planter.

Before joining Reach Beyond NZ, Bob worked in the Internet industry developing Internet service and software companies as well as providing IT consulting services to emerging or start-up companies.

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James Totton,
Media Developer/Trainer

Based in the Reach Beyond New Zealand office, James works in the role of media development. James comes from a background in radio, having worked on both Rhema and Star networks, and producing radio programmes for a station in Indonesia.
Since 1999, James has been training broadcasters and developing solutions for Reach Beyond’s broadcast partners, including several years based in South East Asia.
Jan is receptionist for a Christian medical practice in South Auckland. David is a year-10 student, and a keen chef.

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Jeremy Nixon
Software & Infrastructure Engineer

When most of us think of God calling us to a life of missions we think of  being sent to the deep jungles of  Ecuador, the villages of Africa or the mountains of Nepal. We see in our mind’s eye the faithful missionary toiling to bring the Gospel to the lost as they build, heal or preach to the people.

Yet God’s calling to make disciples of all nations extends far beyond this traditional model of missions.  Case in point: Jeremy Nixon, who has been helping us for the past 4 years.

For almost twenty years, Jeremy worked in the information technology field, but following a life-changing illness, Jeremy has used his recovery time spreading the Gospel as a part time missionary with Wandering Sheep Productions.

Jeremy’s first project was programming the Sheep Stations that are used around the world for delivering Bibles and Christian content.

He has since helped develop and improve our online radio and TV broadcast systems, developed mobile apps for Christian radio, and updated our computer servers.

Currently, he is working on creating a mobile distribution platform for the Kingstone series of Bible Comics and Animations, and the SuperBible, which allows people from all over the world to access Bible stories in their own language.

Jeremy is now working with us part-time, he feels the call of God to come on board as a full time missionary.

His passion is to use Internet technologies to cross the final frontier to reach those who have never heard the Gospel.

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Alex Weir, Missionary

Alex and Lynette are presently based in Buffalo, Minnesota while still active with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global). Alex alternates his time between trips to Ecuador and Minnesota, as well as a few other countries. He is involved in different ways with the leadership of the Community Development Team.Lynette is relearning the USA hospital laboratory procedures and regulations after so many years of being outside the USA. It is a challenge to learn all the computer programs and new laboratory analyzers as well as be the lead tech for some of the areas in the lab. When not at work she keeps the home communications center functioning.

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Janice Reid
Missionary Radio Trainer

Janice has been involved in Christian radio since 1991, and has worked with Reach Beyond since 2004. She joined the mission full-time in 2006. Since then, she has provided training for hundreds of radio announcers who work with our partner stations in Indonesia and Thailand, and has conducted occasional workshops in other countries as well.

Based in South-East Asia, Janice provides training on a range of topics. Most in demand are her short courses for new radio announcers—providing core skills in understanding how communication works, learning studio procedures, and designing programmes that meet the needs and tastes of listeners in communities where Christianity is a minority religion and often misunderstood.

Intermediate-level training helps existing announcers to gain skill and confidence, helping them to think and act strategically as they develop their programmes and create an ever-more-relevant and interesting range of output for local communities.

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Abbey Grainger
Office Administrator

Our newest member of the Reach Beyond NZ team, Abbey, has taken on the roles of looking after the accounts, managing social media presence, managing the support database and manning the reception desk.

Abbey has helped on a few short-term missions already, the most recent being in the refugee camp in Lesvos followed by a three-week mission in Kenya.

She is passionate about youth ministry, leading for many years at kids camps as well as being heavily involved with the youth group at her home church.

Abbey is completing her Commerce degree at the University of Auckland, with majors in economics and management.

All donations are received into Reach Beyond NZ (a division of HCJB Global NZ Trust). Donations made by persons or businesses within New Zealand will be issued a tax receipt for each tax year ending 30 March.