“Talk with God” is a series of evangelical radio spots, designed to bring listeners to the point of initiating a conversation with their Creator. They are a production of Reach Beyond New Zealand.

The Talk with God spots are free to download and use in any form of Christian outreach. If you wish to translate, adapt or re-voice them, the scripts are provided along with the audio.

If you do use them, we would love to hear from you. It would be a great encouragement to us and our supporters. office@reachbeyond.nz

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01 Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy, but in God’s eyes, it’s an absolute. But for whose benefit?

02 Annoying Christians

What to do next time your annoying church-going neighbours come calling!

03 Names

Names have a meaning. But, what’s the meaning of the greatest name of all?

04 Hosanna

Need some help? Here’s a word you may find useful.

05 Death and Taxes

It’s not the end. It’s an invitation!

06 Gospel

Remember those old jokes that always ended with…”and now the bad news?” Well, the good news is that the good news, is really good. Listen and find out.

07 Eternity

What is the most important decision we will ever make? Career, marriage partner, children…did I leave anything out?

08 Burdens

So, it’s your problem, your burden…you’ll fix it? Good luck with that. Guess what? You were never designed to handle that. Listen.

09 Heaven

Is the stairway to Heaven a step too far? Actually, Heaven may be closer than you think.

10 One Way

Jesus can be annoyingly un-inclusive at times! Surely He can’t be the ONLY way to God!

11 Judge

There’s no hiding from the fact that God is holy and righteous, and that our sin must be judged. But, believe it or not, there’s good news…

12 Father

Are you a parent? Looks like you and God have more in common than you realized.

13 Sin

Sin is not our biggest problem. Wow. Got your attention? So…what IS our biggest problem? Listen to find out.

14 Waiting up

Anxiously waiting for the kids to come home from a night out. Been there? Believe it or not, so has your Heavenly Father. Listen for more.

15 Broken Relationships

What importance does God place on His relationship with us? Listen and find out.

16 Historians

We know about Jesus. We know the stories. Perhaps truth. Perhaps fables. Well…what do the historians say?

17 Good Life

Trying to live a good life? Here’s the bad news…it’s not possible. So is there any hope for anyone? Listen…

18 Hate Yourself

Rembrandt’s most famous work could be ‘The Man with the Golden Helmet.’ But what about God…what’s His masterpiece?

19 Phone Manual

The manual for my phone reminds me to not immerse it in water. Good idea! But what about us? Do we come with a manual?

20 Earth

As far as I’m aware, the earth has never fallen off its axis. It provides for us, and it’s a pretty good living environment – better than Mars by a long shot. So…this all happened by accident?

21 God’s Forgiveness

So…God couldn’t possibly forgive you for THAT, right? Actually, there’s something you need to hear…

22 Have to be Good

So…you have to be good before God will accept you? You’re going to be waiting a long time! What ARE the conditions of God’s acceptance of us?

23 Cleaner

Cleaning ourselves up so that God will accept and love us…is a fallacy. Jesus is in the business of accepting and loving imperfect people. So, guess whose job it is to clean us up!

24 Not Interested

We are struggling away down here, while God’s up there, seemingly oblivious to our plight. But, is that the way things really are? Listen…

25 Jesus

When people are in pain or get exasperated, they often vent using a particular word. Only, it’s not a word…it’s a name. Do they know whose name it really is? It’s time we found out!

26 Remember

Some people make a point of remembering every little thing we’ve done wrong…and never letting us forget! But, is God like that? Let’s find out.

27 Sinner

A sinner is someone who falls short or messes up…on an hourly basis. Sound like someone you know? Let’s find out what God has to say about this.

28 It is Finished

Each of us has an astronomical debt that is held over our lives. However, what if someone paid that debt on our behalf…in full? Who? When? Listen…

29 Living for Yourself

Surprisingly, having all we want and keeping it for ourselves is not quite what it is cracked up to be. How does the manufacturer’s handbook advise us to live?

30 Thief

Believe it or not, we have an enemy, and he’s on a mission to destroy. Jesus called him The Thief.

31 The Question

We all want answers. The challenge is defining the questions! Once that’s sorted, guess what we do with our questions…

32 Busy World

We all do it. We try to drown out those nagging doubts and fears with busyness, noise and distraction. But the answer doesn’t lie within us and our situation. Instead, it lies in someone else, and who He is. Listen…

33 Utopia

Wouldn’t we all love to live in a perfect world. Of course, you only get a perfect world on TV. In reality, it doesn’t exist. Or does it?

34 Mobile Phone

A mobile phone has a creator, and a very specific purpose. So do we. Listen to find out more.

35 Other Religion

A man once had a personal encounter with Jesus. What do you think Jesus showed him? The answer may surprise you.

36 Adoption

Did you know you are an orphan? Actually…we all are. Homeless, nameless and without hope. But, we are wanted…and you wouldn’t believe who wants to adopt us!

37 Resurrection

In the 19th century, three prominent skeptics set out to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Guess what happened?

38 New Creation

So, life has become a total write off. A second chance? Yeah right! Wouldn’t it be great if we could completely start again…

39 Return

So, we’ve been left in charge of the house while the owner is away. But one day soon, he’s coming back. Have we done as we were asked?

40 Shame

We live in fear of what others would say if they knew what we were really like. Imagine the shame we would feel. Actually, our creator already knows exactly what’s going on inside us. And what do you think His reaction will be?

41 Hypocrite

Christians are not perfect. Far from it in fact. We have no right to judge. There is only one thing we have that others don’t…

42 Fire

Two nights ago a person near us was killed in a house fire. He was local. He probably shopped at the same supermarket. But now he’s gone. Very final. I wonder where he is now. I really hope he had the chance to accept the free gift that God offers.

43 Grace

We’re all proud. Nobody likes a handout. We want to take care of ourselves. But, let’s talk about eternal life. What if there was no way we could make our own way there?

44 Separation

Separation. Not a word that brings happy connotations. It can take many forms. But, what is the greatest separation of all?

45 Arthur

Arthur Stace couldn’t write…except for one word – eternity. Why did he graffiti that one word all around Sydney?

46 Bad things, good people

Bad things happen to good people, and it’s simply not fair. But let me tell you one more thing that’s not fair. Listen and find out…

47 Will the Real God Please Stand Up

There are lots of theories about God. But there is also truth about God. Who is He…and who am I?

48 Court Case

There was once a judge who found himself in the position of having to try his own son. Just a story? It’s truer than you think. Listen…

49 Lord over Death

Why would the early Christian believers be willing to die rather than deny the resurrection of Jesus? Unless…it was actually true. So, what then does that say about Jesus?

50 Get with the Programme

Here’s the reality. Jesus Christ always was and always will be…Lord over all. So, get with the programme!

51 Prodigal

We’ve all gone our own way. We’ve all rejected our Father and Creator. So…has He rejected us? Actually, He’s standing, watching, waiting for us to come home.

52 Not Such a Bad Place to Be

“We’re on a highway to…” you know the song. Is it a real place? And what is it really like? Let’s get God’s perspective.

53 Impossible

There’s a huge chasm between us and our Creator, that not even good people can cross. So, what hope is there for any of us? Listen and find out…

54 Don’t do it!

If you’re just about to make a decision that you know is not right, you really need to listen to this…

55 The Way

The term “the way” could refer to lines on a map to point to a destination. But Jesus had a different take: not WHAT is the way, but WHO is the way.

56 Lion

Aslan the Lion, the White Witch, Edmund the boy. All characters in C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. You may know that these characters are based on real people. Listen and find out who.

57 Choice

On that final day, we will come face to face with Jesus. What will He say to us…and who will decide what He will say to us? Listen…

58 Straight Out of the Book

There was a song called ‘That’s the Way It Is.’ But, do you think it is possible to sum up the way things are in 45 seconds? Let’s see if we can. By the way, everything you hear in this spot comes straight from an ancient book…

59 Value

Everything has a value. But, have you ever wondered, what is the value of…you? Listen and find out.

60 Blameless

What if the criteria for receiving eternal life was perfection until the end of time? It would count us all out! But there is hope…

61 Citizen

Citizenship of a country is a right by birth. But what about the eternal Kingdom of God? What are our rights to citizenship there?

62 Bad Mood

It happens to us all from time to time…we get in a bad mood. How to we relate to God in those moments…even if we feel angry with Him?

63 Extended Warranty

It’s a fact of life. Our bodies have a limited lifetime warranty. One day they will give out on us. But beyond that, what warranty do we have, and how do we get it?

64 Beyond Hope

So, whatever you did was so terrible that you are past the point of no return? Beyond hope? Let me tell you the story of a complete scumbag called Paul.


65 Christmas (Undiscovered Gems)

Have you heard the stories about people who died in poverty, not knowing they were living over a gem stone deposit or an oil well? Let me tell you an even sadder story…


66 Christmas (Love)

If you owned everything, and had everything you wanted, why would you want to come live on earth, and suffer more than anyone? The answer is…love.

67 Happy Holidays

These days, we are starting to use the greeting “Happy Holidays” at Christmas. Why do you think that is? Are we trying not to offend everyone? Or is it actually a fear that runs much deeper?

68 All Good

The prevailing opinion about people, is that ultimately, deep down, we are all good. But is that how things really are?

69 Keeping the Rules

Are you any good at keeping rules…all of them? No, me neither. So, if that’s the case, then what are our chances with the God who sees every transgression? Listen. The answer may surprise you.