The Te Reo Māori SuperBible

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Especially when you see the hand of God move mightily in the process.

The 11th day of the 11th month is a significant day. A day when we normally celebrate Armistice Day. Well here at Reach Beyond we had another reason to commemorate the 11th day of the 11th month because it was on this day in 2019 that Te Purakau, the first of the Maori language SuperBible comics came off the presses (the photos below are a record of this momentous occasion).

The SuperBible is a collection of high quality Bible comics that tell the story of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation and with 12 of them focusing on the life of Christ. Reach Beyond NZ has helped to distribute them around the world in  31 different languages and growing! And all for FREE to anyone who wants them. We have them available on apps in both iOS (for Apple devices) and Android.

Through his providence, God led  Art Ayris, a pastor from the US to dream a dream about these comics. He got it all going but needed to be able to distribute them digitally.   That led him to Wandering Sheep CEO Bob Arend who is our digital media manager and app developer extraordinaire. Bob and software engineer Jeremy Nixon developed an app that was able to deliver the comics digitally. Through this relationship he was able to secure the distribution rights to the comics in Te Reo Maori. A dream of ours was to get them translated into Te Reo so we could get them into the prisons. However, to print them and translate them takes money. Again, God did some miraculous things and we were led to Maori Postal Aotearoa (formerly Maori Postal Sunday School). From there God brought us into contact with some very generous supporters and finally to a wonderful translator.  It has been amazing how God brought all these various people and organisations together, in his time and for his glory.

     View the the Te Reo Maori SuperBible online

One of the most exciting things is the two new partnerships. One with Maori Postal Aotearoa, who have for a very long time been distributing Bible lessons to prisoners and those in rural communities. The other partnership is with GPH who have been distributing Bible Calendars to prisoners. It is our hope that this partnership will be God’s means of getting these comics in Maori into our prisons.

As word has got out about these comics in Maori we are getting requests from people who work in rural areas who are wanting them to give away and distribute among the people they work with.

These opportunities come about and are only made possible because to the prayers of people like you who are so faithful. It takes approximately $100,000 per annum to pay for the Internet server fees (the equivalent of transmission costs in the old days) and staff costs. Please pray to the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills that funds wil be released to enable this work to continue to flourish.