For Jesus, a spoken word could mean eternal change for a person.  “Rise and walk… Be healed… Come forth… Believe and you will be saved…”  At Reach Beyond we use media to boldly declare the words of Jesus to those who have never heard His Name.

365 days a year, our short wave broadcast towers in North-Western Australia beam the words and the hope of Christ to a potential listening audience of millions in Asia, through programming in 30 languages.

From Africa to Eastern Europe to South East Asia, community FM radio stations have been planted by Reach Beyond in partnership with local churches and missions organisations.  In many of these areas, the Christians are the minority.  However the community minded programme content (health, family, business and spiritual issues) is well-received by locals, and many are connecting with a local church after listening to these broadcasts.

Partner broadcasters are not left to struggle on their own. In all corners of the globe, Reach Beyond runs broadcast training seminars covering all aspects of radio broadcasting and teaching ways to create engaging content that will draw listeners.